Excellent Tips to Win Domino Qiu Qiu

Qiu Qiu or QQ or Kiu Kiu is a form of dominoes game that gained wide popularity in a lot of Southeast Asian countries including Indonesia. It is also known as 99 Dominos Poker. Apart from the live casinos, it is also available in the as an app that is not only easy to follow but also entertaining. You can either opt to log in from Facebook or as a guest player and avoid the formalities associated with registration. When you play it from your device, the landscape interface makes the gaming experience even more comfort. Considering its range of exclusive features, you should definitely give it a try if you enjoy gambling.

Check out the tips


Winning the Domino Qiu Qiu game seems to be a cakewalk if you diligently follow the tips mentioned below:

  • Stay focused – This helps to improve your level of concentration and then ultimately ensures that you reach your goal.
  • Play with adequate money – If gaining experience is your goal, you should play with sufficient money in hand. This helps you to keep on playing until you understand the rules properly and gain confidence.
  • Rely on your ability – If you have a feeling from inside that you should stop playing, listen to your heart.
  • Be patient – The lady luck plays a vital role in gambling. So, even if you are losing constantly, don’t lose patience and hope.
  • Take lessons from others – While playing, carefully notice the strategies the experienced players adopt.
  • Play in good mood – Always avoid playing such games when you are a little disturbed, as that can affect the probabilities of your winning.

Why websites endorse these games


Most of the big-sized trusted sites promote this online Domino gambling game. They offer you different attractive schemes like double poker agents, bonus jackpot, easy bank deposit, referral programs and the opportunity to play with a lot of friends as your opponent. The apps of such websites let you directly play from your device. The high encrypted system and fast servers of these reputed sites guarantee the security of the member’s data. Since such online Domino games have gained huge popularity amongst the gamblers in Indonesia, hence, a lot of websites considers them as a part of their range of games like domino poker bonus, Indonesia poker, poker online etc.


The best feature

The Bonus Referral feature of Domino Qiu Qiu gambling game seems to be the most attractive feature of the lot. There is no upper ceiling when it comes to earning a referral bonus. The more the number of friends and acquaintances you refer, the greater are your chances of winning the referral bonus.  The amount thus earned is safely deposited in your account and as per your wish; you can encash it anytime you want. But to activate this bonus scheme, first, you need to log in to the specific website. Next, you need to click on the menu option of reference that allows you to refer new people. The transaction process lets you keep a check on the total amount of commission you have accumulated in your account.

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