Know the Tricks to Play Domino QQ Ceme

With Indonesia having about 85% of the Muslim population, the gambling laws there are awfully strict. So playing poker in Indonesia is highly risky and you may even get caught. This can lead to 10 years of imprisonment or caning. In spite of such extreme consequences, you will still come across quite a number of best poker players in the country. As police closely monitor the underground casinos playing poker, so people are becoming cautious and shifting to the online option which is a lot safer and much convenient. You can either opt to play it from your home or an underground internet café, which is not very easily traceable but there are still chances ofthe police raid. In such cases, most people use international sitesthat do not fall under the jurisdiction of Indonesia.

Tips to win

The QQ Domino Ceme can be played by maximum by eight players. Few of the benefits you can associate with this game are:

  • Read the game –Before you participate and hit the table, you should first watch the other players thoroughly and read the game situation even if you decide to play online. You should carefully monitor the moves of the player who regularly wins the game.
  • Set the tricks – Set up important tactic and tricks to play the game to avoid any kind of defeat. These tactics and tricks plays an important role in improving your success rate. These also minimize the risk involved.
  • Carefully note the playing conditions – When you hold a guaranteed card, then don’t just focus on your own card. Your opponent might have a stronger combination of cards, so be careful.
  • Keep monitoring the internet connection –The internet connectivity plays a vital role in every move you make in online poker games. In the midst of a game,if suddenly your internet connection becomes weak or is lost you lose on the game entirely as your link with others will break.

Go for a trusted site

When you decide to play online, your first concern should be to get associated with a trusted website. Normally, the trusted sites use the original money to play. They have tie-ups with all the bank facilities in Indonesia and provide 24 hours of non-stop support in terms of both deposit and withdrawal. This 24 hours support helps you in running a smooth operation. Not only this, the reputed sites also have good round the clock customer service facility which is friendly, professional and fast. Some of the online games you get to play out here are Domino Bet, Cute City Online,Casino War,Ceme Domino,Samgong, Poker Live Dealer,Ceme Round etc.

How to win the Jackpot

In case of Domino Ceme,one of the main attractions is you get to win the bonus jackpot within 24 hours. Some of the provisions for winning the jackpot are:

  • The jackpot tickets should be bought before the bet closes and the minimum amount is Rp 100, Rp 500 andRp 1,000.
  • When the bet is already on, if you get the required card combination for the jackpot but you fail to buy the jackpot tickets then the bonus will not be valid.

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